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Title: GET OFF!!
Author: Sweetspring
Characters: Junsu - Yoochun - Jaejoong
Rating: G
Genre: fluffy, cute, chibi
Length: Short-fic (Oneshot)

Summary: “YOOCHUN-HYUNG~~~ GET OFF~~” squeaked Junsu trying to move and swing his legs faster so he can kick off Yoochun.

The little chibi boy Junsu was laying down on the grass in his house’s backyard watching the clouds moving softly while singing this new song he learned at school yesterday.
He flipped on his stomach as he kept singing the song, repeating it again and again while swinging his legs softly up and down. He was way in to his own happy world not realizing that someone was walking slowly behind him till he suddenly felt something heavy dropped on his back.
He squeaked then he turned his head to find Yoochun, his best friend looking at him with an evil smirk.
“YOOCHUN-HYUNG~~~ GET OFF~~” squeaked Junsu trying to move and swing his legs faster so he can kick off Yoochun.
“NO WAY! Not before we do a rematch for that video game we played last weekend~” said Yoochun holding tight on Junsu’s t-shirt so he wont fall.
“ehhhhh?~ but I don’t want to do a rematch~ I won already hyung~!!” yelled Junsu back trying to get him off his back harder this time.
“OK THEN!” said little Yoochun loudly and got off Junsu’s back but before Junsu could get up he sat back again but this time he was facing Junsu’s legs.
“HYUNG~~~~!!!” said Junsu swinging his legs faster.
“SAY WE’LL DO A REMATCH!” said Yoochun loudly because Junsu’s dolphin kind squeaks were blocking his voice from Junsu’s ears
“NO!” said Junsu pouting then he suddenly started to crawl on the grass, which shocked Yoochun because he thought Junsu is weak.
“NO, NO!” said Junsu as he kept crawling hardly.
“YAH!” yelled Yoochun again but Junsu kept ignoring him so he quickly held Junsu’s legs and pulled him up to stop him from pushing his body with his feet.
Junsu gasped and tried hard to free his legs but Yoochun held them tight.
“LET GO HYUNG!” yelled Junsu hitting the ground with his small hands.
“NO! now say we’ll do the rematch” said Yoochun hugging on Junsu’s legs.
“LET GO LET GO LET GO!!!” yelled Junsu louder this time hitting the ground harder.
“NO!” yelled Yoochun back so finally Junsu stopped moving since he got tired.
The silence filled the air for few seconds till both Junsu and Yoochun calmed down a little, or that’s what Yoochun thought.
“So?….” asked Yoochun and waited for an answer but he got nothing.
“Su-ah~” called Yoochun again still sitting there hugging on Junsu’s legs but again Junsu said nothing.
“YAH!…”yelled Yoochun but still Junsu said nothing.
He turned around to look at Junsu wondering why isn’t  he answering him to realize that he was pouting with few tears in his eyes and a small mucus dripping from his nose as he kept sniffing and trying hard not to cry since he’s a “big boy”~, so he finally let go of his legs.
“Su…” said Yoochun planning on getting off of his back when someone yelled from the backyard door.
Both turned their heads to look at the owner of the voice and at that moment Junsu forgot all about the big boy thing and cried out loud.
“h-hyung~” said Yoochun softly with a pout as his hyung walked in and smacked his head.
“JAEJOONGI HYUNG~~~!!!” called Junsu between his cries and sniffs as he got up from the ground making Yoochun fall on his butt and hugged his hyung who was few months older than him.
Jaejoong hugged Junsu back patting his back softly as he kept giving Yoochun really angry stares.
“come on Sui~ Minni and Yunho are here too~ lets go play with them.”
Jaejoong pulled Junsu with him as Junsu sniffed few more times and wiped his tears with his sleeves leaving Yoochun who kept sitting on the ground pouting sadly, just then he heard a loud gasp coming from inside the house.


We should be bowing to him … Lord Jung, King of them All!

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